Class leading Features

The FastFuel OPT is a self-service terminal with specs that stand above the rest. We’ve combined cutting-edge payment technology, intuitive software and a rugged, weather-resistant exterior.

When you install a FastFuel OPT, you’re not just getting an efficient outdoor payment system; you’re investing in genuine Australian innovation and industry-leading technology. FastFuel is the culmination of 12+ years of product development and refinement, providing industry unique features. Quest Payment Systems have almost 3 decades of experience providing payment solutions to some of Australia’s largest businesses, you can rest assured your payment technology is the best in market.


Future Proof Hardware

FastFuel OPTs are manufactured with longevity in mind, providing industry exclusive features that will set your business apart from the competition

  • 12.1” Touchscreen with toughened glass
  • Fixed line connection and cellular – support for NBN, Cable, ADSL2+, Cellular and PSTN
  • VOIP help-phone
  • Integrated Emergency stop with automated alerts when pressed
  • Support for 65+ Pump Protocols – including Gilbarco, Wayne, NZ etc
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminium
  • Industrial PC – rated to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Inbuilt speaker for playing audio files
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 2D barcode scanner – Optional module that allows customers to redeem fuel vouchers or participate in reward schemes by scanning a barcode/Qr code on a voucher or app.

Lowered Operating Costs

Streamline your fuel service and keep costs down, with a combination of the FastFuel OPT’s innovative software and Quest’s powerful payment systems.

  • Reduce manned hours and still offer your customers a way to purchase their fuel day and night.
  • Least cost routing of eligible contactless payments – FastFuel can detect the cheapest method of payment when your customer taps their card.
  • Proactive alerts allow for early maintenance, letting you quickly fix potential issues and prevent downtime.
  • Software updates are remotely pushed down via the FastFuel web portal – no need for costly technician visits.
  • No more phone line rental costs – use your existing broadband internet.

Modular and versatile

The FastFuel OPT’s modular design makes it customisable and easily retrofitted to any existing pump system.

Wall-mounted or freestanding, shared retail or standalone, pre-installed voice prompts or custom recorded – your OPT works for you and your specific business needs.

  • Retrofit to many pump systems.
  • Outfit with optional extra weatherproofing accessories.
  • Switch between shared retail and standalone modes, allowing your OPT to operate while you’re on holiday or otherwise unavailable.

Seamlessly connected

Whether it’s a busy roadhouse or a remote truck stop, stay connected with 4G and Ethernet connections that allow for ultra-fast transaction processing and total control of your fuel system from anywhere, at any time via the FastFuel web portal.

  • NBN ready with Industrial 4G modems for remote areas.
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostic and management capabilities.
  • Connect via the cloud to a secure web portal for OPT management and reporting access.
  • Update fuel pricing remotely
  • Integration support for digital price boards

World-Class Reporting

Our easy online portal gives you all the information you could ever need regarding diagnostics, operations and revenue. Know exactly what’s happening with every single one of your FastFuel OPT terminals, with custom reporting and world-class intuitive controls.

  • 24/7 analytics and visibility across your fuel pumping sales and revenue.
  • World-leading portal design makes retrieving information simple and intuitive.
  • Stay updated in real time, with total control and transparency over all of your terminal operations.
  • Dedicated API for the reporting portal; easily import sales to your CMS.
  • Whitecard API allows your private card customer base transactions to be seamlessly integrated to your accounting systems – no need to manually export and upload logs!
  • Automated settlement reports & meter reading.

User-friendly design

FastFuel OPTs are the only self-service terminals on the market that come with bright, vibrant 12.1-inch touchscreens, designed to be responsive, intuitive and crystal clear in all conditions, day or night.

Each terminal is fully customisable to the needs of your site, delivering customer convenience that maximises your sales.

  • Large 12.1-inch touchscreen with intuitive user interface.
  • Use up to 16 pumps per OPT
  • Multi-pump – Allow customers to authorise 2 pumps in one transaction – ideal for large trucks with Adblue and Diesel
  • Customisable promotional screens, branding options and audio messages.
  • VOIP help phone for customer support, with customisable call routing.

Future-proof payment technology

FastFuel accepts all major payment methods, including contactless, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, White Cards and major fuel cards.

Contactless payments by card, phone or smart watch are accepted, giving your customers more options. This means fewer lost sales and more revenue. 

  • Accepts major credit and debit cards, contactless cards, EFTPOS debit cards and major mobile payment platforms.
  • Supports local card (white cards) with discounts and automated email receipts.
  • Support available for proprietary fuel cards such as BP, Caltex and Shell
  • Accepts payment via smart devices such as phone or watch.
  • SMS, email or print receipts.
  • The FastFuel OPT can integrate with your existing loyalty cards, or we can establish an entirely new loyalty card system for you.
  • 2D barcode scanner – allow customers to redeem vouchers or utilise apps at the OPT


With its modular design, the FastFuel OPT features a range of optional extras for adapting it to your site. Help meet the needs of your users, enhance protection in harsh conditions and adapt to multiple environments.

Premium weather canopy
The ultimate weatherproofing solution, combining a corrosion-resistant overhead canopy with sturdy, transparent side windows. Keep your customers dry and shaded while protecting the screen of your FastFuel OPT from the elements.
Slimline hood
A sleek protective option that offers light shelter for users while providing your terminal with both an extra weatherproofing edge and added style.
Wall mounting bracket
Easily mount your FastFuel OPT to a wall or other structure with our sturdy bracket. Also functions with the Slimline Canopy.


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