FastFuel for Retail Fuel

Tough, sturdy and able to withstand harsh conditions, FastFuel OPT is designed to suit the needs of retail fuel customers. FastFuel Offers an unrivalled customer experience and world class reporting software.

Make refuelling quick and easy with our ultra-intuitive software, massive range of payment options and reliable operation for minimal downtime. Reduce queues and streamline your customer refuelling experience, all while maintaining total control.

Extend your hours to 24/7 when using FastFuel OPT, the industry-leading standalone fuel dispensing payment terminal for fuel stations.

Key Features
Reduce downtime with the FastFuel OPT’s sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminium exterior, perfect for outdoor operation and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Upgrade to 24/7

The FastFuel OPT is designed for 24/7 operation and provides control over your fuel system using our online portal.

Extend your business hours and make sales day and night, without the need for staff on site.

Accept All Cards

Accept all major payment methods: Credit and debit cards, contactless & NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, White Cards and major fuel cards.

Don’t have an existing fuel card? We can help you get started, giving your customers more ways to pay.

Real Time Alerts

Get alerted via email or SMS for emergency stop activation, printer paper is low and much more.

Diagnose issues, perform remote reboots, and have total control over every single one of your pump systems, all from anywhere in the world.

Premium Support

Quest offers same day dispatch of replacement parts.

Components are made to be swappable and easily installed; no need for technician callouts, Quest can remotely diagnose issues and dispatch replacement parts same day for maximum up-time. 

Real-Time Reporting

FastFuel provides you with access to real-time data on your fuel operations.

Accessible from any web-browser the FastFuel portal has tools for transaction reports, machine diagnostics, alerts and many more.

The FastFuel OPT: designed for maximum sales and a smooth, streamlined, next-generation customer experience.

Want to find out more? Contact a member of our team today for a friendly quote, or arrange a live demonstration.

All major payment platforms supported
NFC support – pay with smartphones/ watches
Touchscreen input
SMS and emailed receipts
NBN ready
Cellular backup
World-Class Reporting

Our easy online portal gives you total transparency regarding diagnostics, revenue and more. World-leading app design makes retrieving information simple and intuitive, with 24/7 analytics and visibility across your fuel pumping sales and operations.

Local card management
  • Remote upload for local card files
  • Manage tiered discount structures
  • Run multiple local card files concurrently
  • Monitor device status
  • Sales summary
  • Settlement summary
  • Notifications and alert monitoring
Administration and user
  • Manage user permissions per site
  • Configuration and settings
  • Remote update of grade/price
  • Detailed sales information
  • Product/grade information
  • Settlement logs
  • Detailed card statistics
  • Comprehensive reporting


Highly reliable

Minimise downtime and maximise sales. FastFuel OPT has been tested to withstand the harshest environmental conditions including temperatures of up to 60°C. At the heart of the system is a solid state industrial controller with no moving parts for greater dependability.

Flexible design

Can be installed either as a free standing Pedestal, wall mounted or ‘Hole-in-the-wall’ configuration. Options include, weather shield and corporate branding decals. FastFuel OPT supports a wide range of pumps and international forecourt protocols, and can operate in shared-retail or stand alone modes in manned or unmanned sites.

Real time card processing

Accepts debit, credit and charge cards for payment. Proprietary fuel cards may also be accepted, where applicable. Transactions are processed using 3G networks and Ethernet.

Secure online management

FastFuel OPT can send real time alerts to the site operator by email and SMS in the event of system problems such as low or exhausted paper, printer jams, or if the pumps go offline. This enables site operators to respond to issues in a proactive manner based on the severity level of the alert.


Premium weather canopy
The ultimate weatherproofing solution, combining a corrosion-resistant overhead canopy with sturdy, transparent side windows. Keep your customers dry and shaded while protecting the screen of your FastFuel OPT from the elements.
Slimline hood
A sleek protective option that offers light shelter for users while providing your terminal with both an extra weatherproofing edge and added style.
Wall mounting bracket
Easily mount your FastFuel OPT to a wall or other structure with our sturdy bracket. Also functions with the Slimline Canopy.


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